Gülden Gessner

Flagship Store Manager

With us since 2000

I am the store manager in the THOMAS SABO flagship store on Steinweg in Frankfurt. In my role as store manager, I have an overview of all essential processes. My tasks are very varied but, of course, mainly serve the objective of continuously increasing sales in our shop. I predominantly manage employees, promote the strengths of each individual and therefore create the ideal foundation for a successful team. In addition, providing individual advice to customers is a further, central task. I am also involved in the major decision processes of my colleagues in the company headquarters at Lauf an der Pegnitz, who support us with regard to optimal goods presentation and implementing marketing campaigns. Furthermore, new colleagues for other company departments or shops are trained in our flagship store and given the best possible preparation for the THOMAS SABO world.

"The best motivation for me is that every day I have people around me who give me strength and energy."

– Gülden Gessner

Why I am here

Because I can live out my passion for people and the beautiful things in life. I make contacts, inspire customers and, finally yet importantly, I would like to be an example to my team. I have been part of the THOMAS SABO family for more than 16 years and have learned that a very special dynamic occurs when your heart is really in something. I was a newcomer to the industry and THOMAS SABO was part of my first experience in retail. My supervisors at the time passed their enthusiasm for this up-and-coming brand on to me and I am now passing it on to my own team. I am thrilled by the innovative strength and love of detail that drives the company. I am proud that after my part-time course of study in human resources management, I was able to develop further to become the shop manager and today train new colleagues myself.

What I like about THOMAS SABO

Naturally, above all, the fascinating product and the ability of the brand to surprise its customers anew every season. I have personally benefitted greatly from the many further development and further training opportunities that THOMAS SABO offers. Your opinion is respected and you can incorporate new ideas, suggestions or criticism at any time.

What my work consists of

My day-to-day work is characterised by daily customer contract, so sales and advisory discussions. I have to know each of our jewellery items well so that I can tell our customers and my employees about the various materials and inspirations for the jewellery and watch designs. Then I can impress them with these products. There are also many tasks for us behind the scenes. In addition to checking inventories, for example, these also include decorating the collections in the showcases and shop windows according to company specifications. Whatever the task, predominantly social skills are required of me as store manager, because the aim is for my employees to enjoy coming to work. This relates to all decisions and problems, as each person and each situation is different. If we have a good working atmosphere, the customer senses it and enjoys being in our store.

My motivation

Being passionate about enjoying life! The best motivation for me is that every day I have people around me who give me strength and energy. They naturally include my family and friends but there is also the strong team spirit and friendly interaction with my colleagues. For me, the bright eyes of my customers when they discover the right jewellery item for themselves or as a gift for a loved one in our shop are also a highlight of my job. The fact that I was able to experience how a small company grew into a large one really made an impression on me and makes THOMAS SABO an important part of my life.

What I am proud of

Representing the THOMAS SABO brand every day in the special atmosphere of a THOMAS SABO flagship store. Our site on Steinweg in Frankfurt is one of the largest flagship stores of THOMAS SABO worldwide. We present each collection line in its own area and are part of the success story of THOMAS SABO. I see my work as my calling. That is why I am still doing it after so many years and am happy to describe this job as mine.


"I see my work as my calling."

– Gülden Gessner


Those wearing an item of THOMAS SABO jewellery are making a personal statement. And so are those working for us. Around 1,800 colleagues (status: 2018) have made the THOMAS SABO Group what it is today: one of the most innovative international lifestyle brands. We create, market and distribute our jewellery and watches collections ourselves and therefore offer a broad range of professions and career paths.

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